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Charlotte Secondary

Dear Fort Mill Lacrosse Community,

This is Tom McNeil, Vice President of Girls Lacrosse for the Fort Mill Lacrosse Club.
At a recent tournament, I and the rest of the FMLC staff had the opportunity to meet Bobby Selkin, the Coach of the Charlotte Secondary Club. If you are not familiar with this story it is a pretty remarkable one. Charlotte Secondary is a high school where most of the students are at or below the poverty line. A year ago no students knew anything about lacrosse. In fact, no one had ever held a stick. Today, as a result of a lot of hard work, they are a real team, winning games and competing at tournaments. Their surprising story has generated a lot of attention, including from ESPN which is filming a story about them for their "30 For 30" program.

Coach Selkin is working tirelessly to keep the program going and even expand it so lacrosse is available to more kids, both boys and girls.  As you might expect, they need help to do this.  They just do not have enough equipment for all the kids who want to play, according to Coach Selkin. You can read more about Coach Selkin and the program in here:
This is a great opportunity for the Fort Mill lacrosse community to make a difference.  There are two important ways we can help:

The FMLC is having a used equipment donation drive in order to help this team. The Fort Mill Lacrosse community can help by donating your our old lacrosse equipment (sticks, pads, etc.).  As a community we can make a great donation in gear that doesn't cost a dime. If you have gear you would like to donate please bring it to the Nation Ford High School and Fort Mill High School boys and girls teams during their preseason practices.  Please let the coaches know you are donating to Charlotte Secondary. There is also a FMLC meeting in January at Stateline during which you can drop of gear. We will accept equipment donations through January 10th.  

Second, we would like to provide a cash donation to the Coach Selkin 's  program so he can pay for buses, tournament fees, uniforms etc. FMLC has started a GoFundme page. If every family donates a few dollars, and we spread the word to our friends and neighbors, small donations from everyone will result in a great gift from our community to Coach Selkin'ss program.   FMLC Board has also donated over $10,000.  

I wish I could do more to share how inspiring Coach Selkin and this team are.  They have accomplished so much despite so many obstacles. We are very fortunate to have such strong support in Fort Mill for our lacrosse teams.  Please join with the FMLC Board to extend that support to Coach Selkin and the Charlotte Secondary School program.  Whether it is an old stick or a cash donation, we can make a difference. The FMLC and Coach Selkin appreciate your support!

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